Best Trilogy I Have Ever Played

This is a writing from Monday, ‎January ‎4, ‎2016, ‏‎7:52:40 PM. Featured image link (credit).

248376Well, that was something. I’ve never played something this good before.

Every good story has its own goddamn void.

Mass Effect Trilogy

I was playing Skyrim all over again with new mods at those days when my brother asked me to take him to a video game shop. I agreed. I was enjoying Skyrim so much that I didn’t have any thoughts to buy another game. But after overhearing my brother’s conversation with the shop owner about a game, I decided to go inside the shop and window-shopped. I was interested in this game called Fallout 3, but the owner said that Fallout 3 is having trouble with its installment on windows 7. Well, I am not really familiar with computers and codes, so I didn’t bother to work out the solution. I was seeing the lists of the games, when I saw this title, “Mass Effect”. I had heard the title before, and as long as I could remember, the game was mentioned in several forums, with good reputation. I was curious; I asked if the gameplay is similar to Dead Space’s gameplay. A person there responded by saying “No, it’s RPG. You can go anywhere, just like Fallout.” (It was not an open world though later I found out). I was suddenly interested, and had a quick-thought it would be as good as Skyrim. The owner also said that the character from the first trilogy can be exported to Mass Effect 2. And it excited me more. So, I bought it.

I went home, installed it. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the game main menu. It looked really bad, as if this is a cheap crappy game.. The character customization lightened me up a little bit though. I could choose my gender, my class, even my background story. I tried to make my own custom male character, but he turned out ugly. So, I used the famous Commander Shepard appearance.  I was so damned confused when I played this for the first time. Objectives weren’t as easily shown as they are in Skyrim. Where there is a point, and go. But this game is different. I was a little bit shockingly happy when I knew that this game is a choices-based game. I was having a little bit difficulty though adapting to the Mass Effect world, but I adapted pretty quick so that I could catch up the story. I played this game because I was searching for something new. I didn’t have too much hope for this game to be good, but I kept playing it. Through my Mass Effect playthrough, the game was constantly surprised me with its features. The choices mostly, they were critical and not only some illusions (In this case, Walking Dead by Tellt*le is the perfect example). I simply did the main quests because the side quests were just too boring. And finally with my Paragon Shepard I managed to make Saren realized he was indoctrinated and sadly, shot himself. I romanced Liara in my first mass effect trilogy, because I simply don’t like Ashley’s personality (though I chose her over Kaidan (of course I did, Kaidan doesn’t have boobs!). So yeah.

I couldn’t wait to play Mass Effect 2, I just couldn’t. I went to the shop again a day or two after I finished Mass Effect 1 in normal difficulty. Then I spent my 36 hours playing Mass Effect 2 and its DLCs (btw it took me 13 hours to finish ME1).  I don’t really enjoy ME2 storyline, though its graphics worked better in my PC than ME1 (I had some crappy graphic in ME1 (pardon my cheap rig) and had some lags in the middle of the game). ME2 graphic looked so much better in my PC than ME1 (even ME3 is not as good as ME2 (on MY PC). I was glad I could play ME2 with an excellent graphics. But the storyline though, I just think it is rather boring; building a team, one by one, taking them to their revenge mission or something, then goes to Omega 4 Relay to die (Well in my case, everyone’s survived). I guess what makes me think it is boring is because I didn’t see Liara much, or Ashley. Citadel is also as not good of a place to see as in ME1. It simply looked like a mall. I romanced Miranda in ME2, and saved the Collector base to fight against the reapers in ME3. (I thought this was a bad decision to give the collector base to the Illusive Man, but actually it increases your EMS). In ME2, I dug most of the elements available for upgrades. I upgraded the Normandy SR2 for almost every available upgrade. In result, none of my crew was dead, even though it takes time and patience to harvest those elements in almost every goddamn planet in every goddamn system.  But I like the DLC though, especially the Lair of the Shadowbroker where I helped Liara become the next shadowbroker. I thought she was with Feron the goddamn drell. I thanked God Liara’s just being friendly. (Now I’m being romantically desperate). I am a guy, I enjoy romance as much as the next person.  The thing about ME2 is, you can f*ck everyone, and change your mind at anytime (before the Omega 4 relay last mission). For example, I romanced Miranda in her room where she hugged me for the first time (renegade option for hugging). But I can also f*ck Jack if I say Miranda’s just a friend. I guess it worked for Tali too. I don’t know though after you had sex with Jack or Tali whether you can romance Miranda again or not. I am just too curious with the ending so I didn’t bother to find out.

Ended ME2, I bought ME3 and all the DLCs. God this ME3 is awesome. You now can jump over obstacles, and it has vertical depth (as ladders). I am glad LIARA IS BACK. She’s now one of the major character in the game (aw yeah). The good thing about ME3 before I discussed my own personal experience is that it is suitable even for players who never played any ME games before. You can understand the story with the interactive narrative based on the comic. So basically after you create your character, you will listen to Shepard reminiscing all that happened in the past events before ME3. What’s amazing is that you can choose the critical choices in the middle of the narrative. It’s great.

Now, when I first played ME3, I simply follow the story without critical thinking. I just followed it and chose the answers carefully. It turned out in the end; ME3 has several things to consider. But the main question is, “Is Shepard indoctrinated?”. After reading a blog about the indoctrination theory, and seeing the developers comment about the upset gamers, I do believe that Shepard was somehow partially indoctrinated in some part. The first thing I realize odd about the Catalyst is that it said it preserved Organics life from being wiped out by Synthetics. But in ME3, even after you change the 300 years old conflict between Geth and the quarians, you still don’t have the option to say that synthetic and organics can live together in harmony to the Catalyst. Some of the evidence convinced me that Shepard is partially indoctrinated. Like the trees near the beam, how Anderson went to the Citadel, how the gun changed, how did TIM (Ilusive Man) got his gun. There are many theories, and you can find it on the internet. Just search on Google about Indoctrination theory, and clicked the first blog (I think the writer named Lee something). Im still Paragon Shepard, but with 20% Renegade to spice up the playthrough. The difference is that I  tried to complete every side quests in this game. And it took me around 60 hours to complete ME3. Which I think is still not enough lol. I had around 8000 Military Strength, and 4000 EMS. Which is actually enough to get the “most people call a happy ending” *Spoiler* If you choose the destruction ending (the red ending). With 4000 EMS, none of your crew died (except EDI). This is the only way to make Shepard alive. You will get a scene where a body was lying on a pile of debris, and concrete, with N7 armor taking his gasp of breath (as if someone wakes up from passing out, or nightmare). But the only downside of this ending is that the Geth and EDI are dead, since the destruction pulse does not only kill reapers, but also all synthetics life.


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