The Fly and the Fireflies

On a pleasant evening, a firefly was about to come back home to his family and friends, when he caught a little fly sitting around on a withered leaf. The leaf was barely attached to a branch; it looked like it would come off soon. The firefly asked if the fly was okay, and the fly nodded a little with a sad look on his face.

Then the firefly said that he had friends come over his house for dinner and wanted the fly to come. The fly looked really excited. In all of a sudden, his frown had turned into a big smile like a warm sunny day. They both flew happily to the firefly’s home.

When the fly thought that this evening couldn’t be more pleasant and happier, he was stunned and amazed when he got to the firefly’s home. It was like a heaven to him, a thousand fireflies were flying here and there, sparkling the night with their gorgeous green lights. Such a sight for a fly who often only saw a pile of garbage to scavenge daily food.

And at the same time occurred with his amazement, he felt cheated and sad. The fly thought why God gave those fireflies a beauty of beyond compare, while he has to find food in a junkyard full of waste and unwanted things. He thought it was not fair.

After saying goodbyes to the fireflies family, the fly flew back home. He told his mother everything that had happened that day. His mother could only do so much to comfort him, for it was all true what the fly thought was really a life of a fly and would never change.

Finding not a thing to amend his broken heart and spirit, the fly went outside to catch some midnight air. He was thinking to go to the fireflies home again, but he rethought it since it was probably too late to visit. Then, he went somewhere near their home to admire the beauty from afar, he was hoping those fireflies were still flying in harmony.

When the fly circled around the home of the fireflies, he saw a burning pile of wood. The fly didn’t know what that was for he never saw such thing. He saw it as a beautiful creature who danced above the darkened wood. He then remembered his mother once told him about this red-yellowish thing, she once said to never touch this thing if the fly saw it. Her mother called it ‘fire’.

The fly then fell in shock, he was illuminated. “Fire?” He thought. “Could it possibly, that those fireflies were once like us, just some flies?”

The fly thought that the beauty of those fireflies’ lights came from this very thing. Perhaps they touched this so-called fire with their backs and it turned them into a glowing part. The fly was excited, his mind was fixed on that dancing fire in front of him. He was full of desire to be as beautiful as the fireflies and to be accepted as one of them.

Without hesitation, the fly flew over the fire and touched it with its back. He was flying so fast he couldn’t seem to stop. But unfortunately, even before the fly had even touched the red-yellowish thing, it consumed all of him, and he was never to be seen again.

The End

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