Exodus: A Drama Performance Script


A Drama Performance

By Samuel Ade Kurniawan

EL 606B Drama B – Suzana Maria

AgusDwi – 392014067 as Jochebed, First Shepherd, Aaron

Anno Bergas – 392014064 as Ramses, God

Citra Jelita – 392014054 as Slave, Second Shepherd, Zipporah, A Firstborn

NorriIntan – 392014023 as Bithiah, Zipporah’s Sister, A Mother

Putri Amanda – 392014063 as Slavemaster, Second Bandit, A Woman

Samuel Ade K. – 392014019 as Moses

YunitaKristiani – 392014029 as First Pharaoh, A Father, A Warrior


This is a script that I wrote for my Drama class in university. I might lend some phrases and sentences from a Youtube video, since the script was heavily inspired by it. You can find it right here. This script ends when Moses had led the Israelites cross the Red Sea. The featured image link is right here.

Act 1 The Hebrew Child

NARRATOR: It was years long after Joseph and his brothers had died, the new King of Egypt saw that the Israelites numbers had become a threat. He decided to put slavemasters over them and oppressed them. But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread. Knowing that making them work ruthlessly was not enough, the King of Egypt ordered his people to throw all Hebrew boys into the river Nile.

         A Hebrew mother named Jochebedsaved her son byhiding him in a basket and let him float along the Nile. When the Pharaoh’s daughter went to the river to bathe, she saw the basket and found a baby boy. She took him out of the water and named him Moses. And so the Hebrew Child was raised in the house of Pharaoh as a prince of Egypt and grew up side by side with his cousin; Ramses.

Scene 1 The yard of the Pharaoh’s palace

PHARAOH: My daughter, you see your son Moses over there. What is troubling his mind? He seems worried.

BITHIAH: I don’t know father, perhaps he wonders about his origin. It makes me sad that I have considered him my own son but he’s still sad. What should I do father?

PHARAOH: Perhaps you should talk to him. But to be honest, do you know where he is from?

BITHIAH: Like I said, I only laid my eyes on him on that day at the river. I took it that the river gods sent a precious gift to me.

PHARAOH: Alright then, go on, talk to him and cheer him up. [Pharaoh walks away]

BITHIAH: [Looking at Moses at distance and approaches] What is it my child? What troubles you?

MOSES: It’s the rumors mother. They say I am a son of a Hebrew. I know that you are not my real mother, you told me that. Then who is, mother? Could the rumors be true?

BITHIAH: Who told you these foolish talks? I am your mother and that’s all you need to know, isn’t it Moses? Don’t you know that I love you as much as a mother could ever love her child?

MOSES: But if you do love me, why don’t you tell me the truth?

BITHIAH: You are a gift from the river gods Moses, now no more of this nonsense.

MOSES: As you wish, mother.

Scene 2 Jochebed’s House

[Moses walks into Jochebed’s house]

MOSES: Jochebed.

JOCHEBED: [Looking at Moses and surprised] Moses! Come,come on in! [Moses walks in]

MOSES: Jochebed, good to see you.Are you busy?

JOCHEBED: No, not at all. Please, sit down. [They sit down] So, what brings you here?

MOSES: I want to ask you something. You nursed me when I was a child, but who is my real mother?

JOCHEBED: [Look shocked, then smiles calmly] Your Egyptian mother is your mother, Moses. You don’t need to worry about anyone else.

MOSES: But the rumors, . . .people are saying . . .

JOCHEBED: . . . are just rumors. Now come eat before you go.

NARRATOR: They were all eating together that evening. But Moses still seemed sad and unsatisfied with the answers.

MOSES: Thank you for the dinner, Jochebed. I hope that wasn’t too late of me to visit.

[Moses is standing up. Then Jochebed holds Moses’ hands and stops him]

JOCHEBED: Moses! Wait! You want the truth? I can’t let myself be silenced anymore. I will tell you the truth. [inhaling and exhaling] You are the son of Jochebed and Amram! And the great-great grandson of Jacob, patriarch of the Israelites!

MOSES: You are my mother? [Sit back down]

JOCHEBED: Yes dear Moses, your sister and I put you in a basket on the river Nile, it was the only way to save your life.

MOSES: It all makes sense now. [Holding Jochebed’s hands] Thank you, for telling the truth, mother. Now, I must go and you should get some rest.

Scene 3 Slavery Area

[Moses walking around and sees his people’s sufferings, a slavemaster is beating an old slave]

SLAVEMASTER: [To an old man] This is what you get from disobeying my order, old man!

A SLAVE: Please stop, I can’t take it anymore! It was not my fault, I haven’t eaten for days, please slavemaster!

SLAVEMASTER: Quit whining and take your punishment like a man!

A SLAVE: Please no! I will be better next time, I promise!

MOSES: Hey you there! Enough! You could kill him!

SLAVEMASTER: Mind your own business Moses! This Hebrew slave does not need to trouble you too!

MOSES: What has he done to deserve it?

SLAVEMASTER: He disobeyed my command, and needs to be punished! Now step aside!

[The slavemaster keeps beating the slave]

MOSES: Enough! I command you to stop!

SLAVEMASTER: [Ignoring Moses and keeps beating]

MOSES: I said enough!

[Then Moses hits the SLAVEMASTER on the back of his head, he falls dead]

MOSES: Oh, no. What have I done? This can’t be. Hey, slavemaster! Wake up! Are you dead? Oh, God no.

A SLAVE: Thank you Moses. Now you have blood on your hands. If the Pharaoh or other slavemasters see this, you will be punished for the rest of your life. I suggest you go far far away from Egypt. May God of Abraham be with you.

MOSES: [to himself] He is right. I should go.

Scene 4 Pharaoh’s Palace

PHARAOH: After all I’ve done for Moses, how could he do this?

RAMSES: Maybe it was some kind of mistake. I don’t always like the way Moses acts, but I am sure that this is all just a misunderstanding.

BITHIAH: Hear him, father. Ramses knows Moses, I know him more than anyone. He is a kind and agood man, please do not punish him! [begging on her knees]

PHARAOH: Oh Moses, how could you put me into such a terrible nightmare. What have I done to deserve this? But the law is the law. Moses needs to be punish as the Egyptian law.

BITHIAH: You are going to kill him?! Father, how could you? My own son. [she bursts in tears]

RAMSES: Let all be done for the best of Egypt.

PHARAOH: Guards! Bring Moses before me! [to BITHIAH] And you, don’t grieve for what he has done, my sweet daughter. Grieve for what he could have become.


Act 2 The God’s Will

Scene 1 On a Well in Midian

NARRATOR: But Moses had managed to flee from the Pharaoh, and went to live in Midian. One day, he saw some Shepherds arguing with some women at a well.

FIRST SHEPHERD: Hey you! That’s our well, get out of the way!

ZIPPORAH: This well doesn’t belong to you!

FIRST SHEPHERD: I say it does!Now step back! [Pushing Zipporah’s shoulder, she falls, and immediately gets back up]

ZIPPORAH’S SISTER: Hey! Don’t be so rude! Or . . .

SECOND SHEPHERD: Or what? Our sheep need to drink too.

ZIPPORAH’S SISTER: Yeah, we know, but not by driving us away!

ZIPPORAH: We only need a few minutes. Please, just a few buckets.

FIRST SHEPHERD: No way, our sheep is exhausted and need to drink fast. Now go away!

MOSES: Hey, wait your turn. Let the women fetch the water, they were here first.

SECOND SHEPHERD: Mind your own business stranger, we are here simply to quench our flocks’ thirst.

MOSES: Yeah, but is that really how you treat women? Besides, like I said, they were here first. Which part of queuing you don’t understand?

FIRST SHEPHERD: Alright, but if one, and I mean ONE of our flocks ever die because of thirst, it’s your fault. [To his friend] Let’s go.

ZIPPORAH: Thank you, brave man. What is it your name?

MOSES: My name is Moses.

ZIPPORAH: My father would definitely want to see you. Follow me and we’ll provide you with food and warm bed. What say you?

MOSES: You are too kind. What is your name?

ZIPPORAH: My name is Zipporah, daughter of Jethro.        

Scene 2 The Slope of Mount. Sinai

NARRATOR: Zipporah went back to her home and told her father Jethro about the event. Later, being grateful, Jethro asked Moses to come to his home and to stay there. He was asked to tend to Jethro’s flocks and to marry Zipporah. They had two sons. And meanwhile in Egypt, the reigning Pharaoh had died, and Ramses assumed the throne. He made his construction even swifter, the Hebrew slaves were forced to work harder.

           One day, while tending to his flocks on the slope of Mount. Sinai, Moses witnessed a very strange happening.

GOD: Moses.

MOSES: Yes, here I am. Who is there? Where are you?

GOD: Follow my voice.

MOSES: Whoa, what is happening? It is strange, the bush is burning but the fire does not consume it! Who are you? Some kind of talking burning bush?

GOD: I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.[Moses bent and kneeled before the bush]I have seen the suffering of my people, and I will deliver them out of Egypt. I will send you, Moses, to Ramses in my name.

MOSES: And, and . . . What shall I say to him?

GOD: Tell Ramses, to let my people go. At first, he will say no, and I shall curse Egypt with many horrors, until he lets you go.

MOSES: But, who am I lord, that I should bring Israel out of bondage?

GOD: I will be with you. And you should tell the children of Israel that I’ve spoken to you, tell them I will deliver them to the land flowing with milk and honey.

MOSES: But, if they ask, who shall I say sent me?

GOD: I am who I am. The lord, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.

MOSES: [Gets up] They would not believe me!

GOD: Moses, cast your staff to the ground.

MOSES: Huh? [Moses looks shocked, the staff turns into a snake]Woah, it turns into a snake!

GOD: Focus, Moses! Now grab it by its tail.

[The snake turns back into a staff]

GOD: Show them these signs of mine, and they will believe.

MOSES: But, Lord, I am not the right person. I am slow of speech.

GOD: Use your brother Aaron as your voice. Do as I instructed. I am with you, Moses.

MOSES: As you command, my Lord.

Scene 3 Ramses’ Palace

NARRATOR: Then, Moses and his brother Aaron went to Egypt, to Pharaoh, to deliver God’s message.

RAMSES: [Sitting on his throne] Moses? Is it really you brother?

MOSES: How kind you are Ramses, after all these years still consider me a brother. And yes, it is me.

RAMSES: It is truly fortunate that all who wanted you dead are nothing but history. Now Moses, what brings you here?

MOSES: I am going to be straightforward with you, brother. You’ve probably known that I am a Hebrew. I want you to let my people go.

RAMSES: Moses, you committed a murder, fled away, and now come back to take my most valuable resource?

AARON: We are here because Our God’s Will. We want justice! What you have done caused so much harm for the people, Ramses!

MOSES: What you do to them, treating them like animals, are not acceptable Ramses. They are people like us, and our God demands them to be free.

RAMSES: You know I simply cannot, Moses. They have been here for a long time and they’ve been speeding up all the constructions and good things in Egypt.

MOSES: And what good things do they receive in return, Ramses my brother?My God desires His people to be free of bondage, and this demand is to be fulfilled.

AARON: Set the people free, Ramses. If you let the people go. God will forgive your sin.

RAMSES: You keep talking about your so-called God. What makes you think I’d do what your imaginary God commands? I don’t even believe your God exists. If you can prove his existence, I might consider granting your rude demand.

MOSES: Aaron. Show him what the Lord is capable of. [Giving a que to Aaron to throw his staff to the ground]

AARON: Yes, Moses. Behold Ramses! [Aaron threw his staff to the ground, Ramses is shocked that the staff turns into a snake]

RAMSES: [A little surprised then laughing] It is merely a spell my sorcerers will easily do. Sorcerers!

[Three sorcerers come in]

RAMSES: Do what you must.

[They throw their staffs to the ground, and all of them become snakes]

RAMSES: See? Even your God is no match for my Sorcerers! Now Moses . . . [Ramses sees that Aaron’s snake eats all of three other snakes, he is worried and shocked] Wait a minute, what is happening?!

AARON: Behold the power of God, Ramses. Your weak cheap magic trick is over. Those three useless snakes are destroyed by our God’s own work.Now, what say you?

RAMSES: The answer is still no! I will not let my valuable go, not now, not ever!

MOSES: Beware the wrath of the Lord Ramses, for you shall feel the pain!

[Moses and Aaron leave the stage, Pharaoh still surprised]

Scene 4 Common Israelites House

NARRATOR: Moses has tried to deliver God’s message, but Ramses denied the demand, for God has hardened his heart. Now God is fulfilling his words, he curses Egypt with plague upon plague. The river turns red as if the gods of river themselves bleed; frogs crowd the cities, spread into every room and offices; gnats and flies swarm thick as black as the burning smoke of a pillaged city; livestock are dying each passing day; the land boils; locusts destroyed all the crops; darkness has come unto Egypt and yet the Pharaoh’s heart is still hardened as a solid stone.

God unleash the last plague; whose target is every firstborn in Egypt. He sent the angel of death to take the firstborns’ lives whose house is not marked. Moses tells his people to mark their door with lamb’s blood, so that the death may pass their homes.

A MOTHER: Did you do as Moses commands us to do?

A FATHER: Yes, of course. Don’t worry, our firstborn son will live.

A MOTHER: What if he doesn’t? He is our dearest son, the future backbone of our family.

A FATHER: You worry too much dear. The blood marks our house so that the angel of death will pass over our home.

THE FIRSTBORN: Father, will I be alright? Moses does not lie, does he?

A FATHER: Of course not my dearest. You have seen the power of our God yourself. He brings Egypt into darkness, and He is the one who is going to protect us like he promised. Now get some sleep.

THE FIRSTBORN: Yes, father. Thank you. Goodnight.

Scene 5 Pharaoh’s Palace

NARRATOR: That night, every home which is marked with lamb’s blood gets passed over by the angel of death, but those who are not, every firstborn in there has died, including Ramses’ only son.

RAMSES: Moses, how cruel is your God. He even took my firstborn, my only child. Now I have nothing left to live for. Your God wins, you can go but all the livestock stay.

AARON: Not fair Ramses! How could we survive the desert without anything?!

MOSES: We will bring with ourselves our livestock, and the riches of Egypt, as our God has commanded.

RAMSES: Alright, there is no more reason to argue with your God. I don’t want any more horrible plague or sorrow to come unto me and my people. Go now and don’t ever come back.

[Moses and Aaron left, Ramses is weeping on his throne]

Act 3 The Exodus

Scene 1 Ramses’ Palace

NARRATOR: Now, Moses and the Israelites have left Egypt with their young, with their old, with their sons, and with their daughter, with their flocks and with their herds. God leads them with a pillar of cloud to keep them from the heat of the desert, and a pillar of fire to guide them in the night. Meanwhile, Ramses is still angry and upset about losing his slaves.

RAMSES: How could this happen? Have I been fooled? Is that God whichMoses was talking about even real?[exhaling] I shouldn’t have let this happen. [Ramses is thinking for a while, then gets up] Wait, I still have time! If I chase them now, I might get them in less than three days, even lesser with the royal horses! I can’t let them go too far. Guards! Prepare my chariots and call some men!

NARRATOR: Ramses is planning to chase Moses and the Israelites.His eyes have been blinded by his greed and mostly, his grievance of his dead son.

Scene 2 Near the Red Sea

AARON: Moses! The Egyptians are coming! And they bring an army!

A WOMAN: The Pharaoh has changed his mind! We are doomed! Moses, we are trapped between them and the sea! There’s nowhere to go! What should we do?

MOSES: Relax people! I am trying to figure out something. [Inhaling, thinking]

AARON: Moses! You must decide now! There is really no time left for us right now!

A WOMAN: Oh we are going to die! We are doomed! Moses, what have you done to us? You’ve led us to our death!

MOSES: I failed. Why God? Why did you choose me?

GOD: Moses, lift your staff, and stretch your hands over the sea.

MOSES: As you command Lord. [to Israelites] Be not afraid people! God will save us all!

[The Red Sea is divided in half]

MOSES: Let’s go people, move!

[Ramses is coming to the stage]

RAMSES: Follow them!

WARRIOR: [Stops] But, Pharaoh the water can crush us! Their God has control over the sea!

RAMSES: Do as I said, you cowards!

WARRIOR: Yes, Pharaoh. Let’s go!

[the army including Ramseshesitantly try to cross the Red Sea through the opening]

RAMSES: Noooo!

WARRIOR: God forgive me! No!Arghhh!

NARRATOR: Ramses and his army died that day buried under the Red Sea. Moses and the Israelites are safe now.

Scene 3 Across the Red Sea

MOSES: The Lord God has brought us out of Egypt! He tells you if you obey his law you shall be his treasured children, and a holy nation!

A WOMAN: Praise God! He is the mighty one! From now on, what He commands, we will obey.

AARON: You’ve done it Moses. The power of God is shown through you. You’ve brought us out of our misery.

ZIPPORAH: My husband, Moses, you’ve made it. Let God’s name be glorified for eternity!

MOSES: Now, let’s pray and be grateful for what the Lord has done.

[They leave the stage]

NARRATOR: The Israelites now are freed from the hundreds of years of slavery. But their journey only has begun from this point forward.

The End



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