Reflective Journal: A Travel to Mount. Prau

wallpaper-travel-16Reflective Journal Travel Writing – Mount. Prau

Question-answers type.


1. Iyer wrote that we travel to initially lose ourselves and later to find ourselves. Have you experienced both the losing and discovering of yourself? Please answer with examples.

2. What new experiences have you earned so far?

3. “What gives value to travel is fear”, what does it mean?

4. Were there any conflicts of values that you experienced in your trips? How did you negotiate with them?


  1. It is more like destroying myself, to later find myself rebuilt. Recarving, as I would say. Before I went to hike a 2565m asl mountain, I faced many challenges. I even went to the lowest level I had ever been in term of willingness to travel. Just days before the hike, my driving license was confiscated. Two days before the travel, I was sick all day. One day before the travel, I lost my wallet. Seemed like the universe was telling me not to go. Me being superstitious didn’t help at all. I thought something bad was going to happen. But then I decided to go anyway. I lost all my fear right after I lost my wallet. Maybe due to the anger to universe, or even a god I didn’t understand, but I was willing to go. The hike was also a part of rebuilding myself. I found along the way that I am not as strong as I thought. I was being humbled throughout those two days. I understand I am just a speck of dust in the universe, but I am capable of something. I then discovered a part of myself a little more.
  2. I learned that we as humans tend to consciously/unconsciously try to find patterns, any kind of patterns. We connect the dots, to find what is happening or what will happen next. For me, it was the ‘signs’ that I thought the universe was trying to make me see, so that I decide not to go. But sometimes our conclusion, or our minds’ best effort to understand the situation is not always right. Preparation matters. As long as you have good grasp on where you would travel, all the standard procedures, and the willingness to push yourself, I guess you will be fine.
  3. I will quote a phrase from Gladiator, this one is one of my favorite quotes, “Fear and wonder is a powerful combination”. The original quote was discussing the Colloseum, a place in which fear and wonder meet to please the audience. I tend to heavily agree to this. Sometimes fear makes it all worth it, it makes us feel like we are out of our comfort zone, which to me is the essence of travel. To me, traveling is going out of your comfort zone. That is why it is called travel. So, yes, fear gives value to travel, because if we overcome that fear, we will receive some sense of accomplishment. When you combine your fear, and a beautiful scenery, plus a sense of accomplishment in the end, that is magic.
  4. When speakinga about values, the things I believe in, I guess I will be back to me being superstitious. I need to mention that several weeks before I hiked, 11 people were struck by lighting on Mount. Prau, three dead. I only knew this on my way to Dieng. With all the previous signs in my mind, this information my friend gave me just made it all worse. But the worst had yet to come, 15 minutes after we started hiking, I saw lighting at the peak of the mountain. All kinds of thoughts were rushing to my head, the worst was, “Am I gonna die here?”. But from the support of my friend, and my own willingness to push further, mother nature presented otherwise. It was so beautiful up there. I was greeted with a sky full of stars, and a few hours later, an iconic view of a warm sunrise for we to wake up to.

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