Analysis: Feature Story – The boys made to fight for IS

Source: BBC

BBC’s in-article image

First, the aesthetic quality of the article’s presentation is outstanding. It has several images that helps readers understand/imagine the situation. Visually, it does not really distracting and quite simple, yet informative.

The headline is pretty straightforward. It is about the boys who are made to fight for ISIS, which implies the article will walk us through their journey when they were being made to fight for the Islamic State.

There are 7 major topics including the opening/introduction and they are all numbered, which eases the readers to follow the article, since they have a concept/structure in their mind.

The lead:

Lovant and Sabbah were just 16 and 14 when they were forced to fire bullets into the dead bodies of men executed for being traitors by so-called Islamic State.

It is kind of soft lead which does not try to give up all information in one paragraph. This is a feature news, and readers are assumed to take times to read. The author choses the extreme example of their journey to attract readers’ attention.

There are videos too that adds up the article credibility.




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