Analysis: News Story – Democracy ‘gone too far’: Jokowi

Source: Democracy ‘gone too far’: Jokowi Nurul Fitri Ramadhani and Haeril Halim


First, I want to state that I like this article due to its straightforwardness.

We can see from the headline:

Democracy ‘gone too far’: Jokowi

It is provocative, yet true. The author actually picked this headline straight from Jokowi’s statement that is also present in the article.

Though in a glance the article seems to be biased towards Jokowi, it still tries not to be. The proof that it is biased towards Jokowi is the fact that the article gives reasons to Jokowi probable provocative statements.

For instance, in the lead. It says that Jokowi is struggling to prove that he is not the type of president like that of the New Order regime. Then, the article even warned him in goodwill that his statement is open to interpretation. An article that is not pro-Jokowi would directly interprets his statement as evidence that he is in fact a president that does not recognize or value freedom of speech.

The presence of Jokowi direct statements in quotation marks, with attributions, gives evidence that this article is credible.


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