Analysis: Feature Story – Hitler’s phone to be auctioned in US

Source: Hitler’s phone to be auctioned in US94719233_7ff3c434-11ad-40f0-a1f0-a420ea78945e

Whenever someone mentioned Hitler, it always is interesting to those who love history, even more to those who both love history and the relics that come with it.

Putting the name ‘Hitler’ in the headline already sells the article. Not to mention there is the word “auction” somewhere in there. For collectors and historians or those who simply love history, this is a big news.

The compactness of the headline is also good. It omits the phrase “is going to be” or “will”, then simply puts the word “to”. This actually has followed the standard headline writing for news articles.

What is more interesting is the caption of the first image the readers will see, which is the red antique phone. It says that it is a weapon of mass destruction. This then catches readers curiosity to find out more how a phone can be a lethal weapon.

Now the lead:
A telephone used by Adolf Hitler during World War Two is to be auctioned in the US this weekend.

The lead only is informative. It already answers the questions: what, where,  and when.

The first few lines of the article also really straight to the  point; it gives the readers information about the phone’s origin, the price, the seller, and where the auction will be held.

They are also concise so the readers who are not interested in buying will keep reading, until the find the answer of why it is said to be a lethal weapon, in the end of the article.


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