Analysis: Feature Story – Katy Perry Chained to the Rythm

Source BBC:  We break down Katy Perry’s video for Chained to the Rhythm


This particular BBC’s post has a dateline and byline under the headline, when usually they do not show them in news stories. The cause was probably BBC wanted to give more credit to the author since this is not a news story, and it is basically opinion-based article.

Let’s start with the headline:

We break down Katy Perry’s video for Chained to the Rhythm

I kind of find this headline to long and unappealing. But sadly I can’t think of any other alternative without taking too much time thinking of it. Maybe, if there is some words like “hidden messages”, “what you don’t know”, “behind the music video” or the similar type, it would be more appealing.

Then the lead:

Pop star turned human emoji Katy Perry has just released her new video, Chained to the Rhythm – and its message is hard to ignore.

The lead contains the who and what. The who is Katy Perry and her new video, and the message it contains. The what is that Katy released a new video and it has hard-to-ignore messages.

The author put scene to scene analysis of the music video, and (probably) the most iconic shot of each scene. This is good as it is one of the ways to arrange the analysis in order so it doesn’t jump from one thing to another to quickly.

He also put caption to each scene, like for instance: 

SCENE FIVE: “Inferno water”

This is helpful to understand the focus of his analysis each passing scene.

In the end, opinions are inevitable. The author tried to shout out his opinion towards Katy’s video but still did it subtly. He tried to use the word might in order to do so.


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