Analysis and Remarks: Profile Feature Story – The Woman Who ‘Totally Understands’ Donald Trump

The Woman Who ‘Totally Understands’ Donald Trump26hope-superjumbo

From a common people perspective who do not know about this woman, the implied meaning of the phrase inside the the quotation marks; totally understands in the headline will make more sense if they read further.

The byline and the dateline is combined in one row. The name of the author is hyperlinked adding the possibility for readers to do a credibility-check.

The profile news story doesn’t use a hard lead, instead it uses a soft lead with a nut graph in the third and fourth paragraph. The placement of the nut graph in the earlier part of the news is to keep the busy readers interested and straightforwardly give them an idea about what it is about.

There is who, what in the lead, but still no ‘why’. Without putting the ‘why’ in the lead, a piece of news this interesting will still ignite readers’ interest because this is an unusual event. A beautiful girl, a model, and had no political experience before, found herself in POTUS inner circle, this surely grabs people’s attention.


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