Analysis and Remarks: Profile Feature Story – Queen Elizabeth II: Britain’s longest reigning monarch

Source: Queen Elizabeth II: Britain’s longest reigning monarch


Queen Elizabeth indeed is living a long life. This profile feature news was probably created to commemorate her life.

The presentation is actually very nice. It has a timeline with dots which are the markings of her life. In those dots, sometimes there is big events that were also happening like for instance WWII in 1945. Queen Elizabeth anonymously joined a crowd to celebrate the victory/ VE Day.

It is even better when every markings of her life has some related or expanded information that readers can have an access to through hyperlinks.

Original photos and videos of Queen Elizabeth life really boosts up this article credibility.

One thing though that makes this article imperfect, is the fact that the designer chose the color cyan. It would be more attractive and special if the colors were the color of British kingdom, which is a combination of red, blue, and white to help set the tone and mood.


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