Analysis and Remarks: News Story – Jakarta elections: Governor blasphemy trial overshadows vote

Source: Jakarta elections: Governor blasphemy trial overshadows vote


The headline:

The use of colon is shortening and as well as showing what happens in the amidst of Jakarta gubernatorial election.

The dateline shows actuality and the word “Asia” shows proximity. This is really helpful for people to see the relevance of the news, while the proximity offers level of significance for them.

The lead:

Residents of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, have voted for a new governor, in an election overshadowed by the incumbent’s blasphemy trial.

There is who, where, and what in the lead. The lead is made that way to plant and idea in the readers mind that the election itself actually is more important than the ongoing trial. It is proven by the lead.

When the lead is change to this: The incumbent’s blasphemy trial overshadows the voting for a new governor, it somehow subtly states that the blasphemy really impinges the election, far more greatly than the election itself because the trial is made to be the subject.

But the picture of one of the marches lifts up the significance of the blasphemy. It is like saying, the blasphemy does indeed affect the election, but it is not extremely impinging it.



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