Analysis and Remarks: Feature Story – Facebook Purple Bird

Source: What does this purple bird mean?


The headline to me personally is appealing to both of those who have already met this purple bird and those who have completely no idea whatsoever about this bird.


What does this purple bird mean?

The headline asks questions. People are made to think if they ever encounter a question. To those who have encountered the bird and still do not know the meaning, they will try to read this news. And those who haven’t, will be curious and try to find out.
Yet the lead raises another question:

Have you spotted a purple bird popping up in your social media timeline?

This is a confirmation to the readers, whether they have met this bird or not. And still, the question form of the lead evokes  curiosity. It doesn’t directly give answer.

There is a petition ban to this bird because people feel too fed up and sick about it. There is also a link of that petition in this article, which adds its credibility.

The article provides several photos about this bird, and they are helpful for readers to understand what it means.

In the end though, the readers might be disappointed because the article got their hopes up. There is no exact answer as to why this bird is popular or even what it means.


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