Analysis and Remarks: Profile Feature Story – Who Was Carl Sagan?

Photograph by Evelyn Hofer

Source: Who Was Carl Sagan?

Unlike any other profile feature news I have reviewed, this one in particular is different. It explicitly provides the question and answer of “Who is Carl Sagan?”

First of all, before jumping in on the content, the interface of the news is great. The clean yellow-white themed page really denotes National Geographic feels. The pictures with their captions are informative and amusing. Each of them independently answers the main question the article’s trying to answer.

Now, the content is direct and solid. Readers will gradually know who Sagan is in each paragraph they read. The information is not given directly by the author, or at least too formally like other profile features, but rather it is shown by attributions. People are interviewed and their ideas or perspective on Sagan compiled and quoted.

These people who are mentioned in the article have their credibility. NGC even provides a hyperlink to their names, underlined yellow. Again, showing the identity color of National Geographic. This adds credibility to the information presented.

The sub-titles are in bold so that the readers can catch them easily. They are simple and easy to understand, they also clearly and directly state and answer the main question. Sagan was a host, a scientist, a skeptic, a spokeman and a celebrity.


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