Analysis and Remarks: Profile Feature Story – A brief history of Stephen Hawking


Source: A brief history of Stephen Hawking


A timeline-styled profile feature story is to me personally, easy to follow.

Stephen Hawking, probably the most well-known scientist/theorist even the common people would know.

617m43n-hwl-_sx331_bo1204203200_The presentation of the profile is simple and clean. The title really represents the man in a peculiar way. It is referring to Hawking’s famous book, A Brief History of Time, modified into A Brief History of Stephen Hawking. 

On the top of the page there is the timeline line. It has dots that mark Hawking’s important events in his life. The best thing about the dot is that the distance between them stays true/scales with the distance between the years. Readers can click on every dot to jump in right on the year they want.

There is also pictures and videos that support the content of the article. It adds trustworthiness of the channel that serves the information about Stephen Hawking.



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