Thoughts of Breaking Bad

Heisenberg is Walter White’s alias

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Have you ever felt like you can’t move on from a book or a movie? Like, a hangover?

That’s what I feel right now.

Basically, this thing we call hangover happens after you finished a book or a movie. For me, I finished a TV serial entitled Breaking Bad. I can’t move on until I finally get this off my chest.

Well, I’ll tell you a bit about Breaking Bad.

SPOILERS ALERT – If you haven’t watched ‘Breaking Bad’ by Vince Giligan, please watch it first. If you don’t want to watch it but want to read this, please, watch it first.

So there is this chemistry teacher, who was diagnosed for a lung cancer, his name is Walter Hartwell White. Walter is depressed due to his financial issues. Beside his cancer, he’s got to pay his bills. But with his teaching salary in High school he cannot afford to pay it all. He even has a part-time job at a car-wash. His family consists of four members; him, his wife Skyler, Flynn or Walter Jr, and soon-to-be-born girl, Holly.

Walter has a brother-in-law, Hank Schrader, who’s married to Skyler’s sister, Marie. Hank is a DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent. Basically, Walter understands that selling drug (methamphetamine) is an easy way to get a lot of money. With his genius-mind, it’s not a problem to Walter to produce Methamphetamine with proper equipment. He sees no other way. Being interested with how the market works, Walter with his curiousity asked Hank to join him in a drug raid. While watching the raid, Walter sees one of his former students escaped the DEA agents.

Jesse Pinkman, a methamphetamine producer and consumer, is Walter’s former student. Unfamiliar with the market, Walter asked Jesse to team up. In short, Jesse agrees to partner up with Walt. And their stories begin…

What I see from this movie, overall, is about relationships, mostly. The biggest thing that got my attention is Walter’s and Jesse’s relationship. Jesse was somehow kicked out from his house, he hates his parents and all. Jesse has nobody, except his friends; Skinny, Combo, and Badger. From what I heard, Jesse dies after season one, but Vince Gilligan (writer of Breaking Bad) likes Aaron Paul’s acts (Actor who plays as Jesse Pinkman). So he keeps Jesse alive until the series over.

Let’s talk about Jesse Pinkman.

He is my favorite character. I personally think that Jesse is the most damaged person in this series. Having no career but a meth cook, kicked out from his family, having only a few friends. Not to say the problems ahead of him which he should go through with Mr. White. Jesse calls him Mr. White, like he did at high school I guess.

One of the problems that broke Jesse was Combo’s murder. Combo was Jesse’s friend and his distributor. But Combo was reckless, he sells the meth in the competitor territory and gets killed by an eleven-year-old boy. Who is actually used by a drug dealer to help their deals.

I thought his life would change to be better when he finally meets a girl named Jane. Jesse was looking for a place to stay when he met Jane. He moved out because his aunt’s house he used to live is going to be sold by his parents. Jane is also a user, but her father tries his best to get her back straight. At this time, his business at cooking meth with Mr. White was going pretty well. They’ve got a lot of money. But, Mr. White sees a problem here, Jesse’s relationship with Jane. He thinks it keeps Jesse from thinking straight. Jesse and Jane even think to move out to New Zealand with all the money he’s got. But it changes after one night.

It was a night after Jane and Jesse used drugs in their veins. Jane choked up to death in bed. Mr. White was there, but I kinda forgot what was his reason to be there that night. He could have saved her, but he didn’t since he sees Jane as a bad influence to Jesse.

Jesse was broken after that night. Mr. White found him in a ghetto, he was sleeping there with some bums. After for some talks, Jesse went to some kind of rehabilitation or something. There are a lot problems that Jesse has to face. After Jane, Jesse keeps losing the people he loved.

He meets another girl in a group, Andrea. (You know, that group where people talk about their problems and all). At first, he was going to sell her meth. But seeing that Andrea has a son, Jesse cancels his intention. He falls in love with her, even Brock (Andrea’s son) loves him. Sadly, the happiness ends in season five. Jesse was captured by men who were once worked with him and Walt. He was forced to cook meth (since only Jesse and Walt who can cook meth with more than 96% purity in US (if im not mistaken)). Jesse tries to escape, and gets caught. Jesse says that he won’t cook another batch for them. This is where the sad part begins. Those men took Jesse to Andrea’s house and kill her in front of him. After this, Jesse looks like he has no hope anymore.

You know, I can’t picture Walt’s and Jesse’s relationship in words, it will take hundreds of pages to write it down. They fight each other, they sometimes even hate each other. In the last season, Jesse hates Mr. White because he found out that Mr. White poisoned Brock. But, the look that Jesse gives in the last episode, and the way he screamed, I know that he loves Mr. White. I can tell that Mr. White is like a father to him. Jesse was frustrated, he has been going through a lot. And seeing Mr. White once again, gives him different kinds of emotions.

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