Analysis and Remarks: News Story – Eyewitness refuses to conclude Ahok committed blasphemy

Source: Eyewitness refuses to conclude Ahok committed blasphemy

This news story is simple and solid, proven by its headline and the concise explanation. From the headline itself, readers will immediately receive an idea of what the news is about. There is answers for the what and who, though not specific on the latter. It also uses the word ‘Eyewitness’ to get the readers’ attention. Eyewitnesses are roles that this country currently have their eyes focused on. By putting the word ‘Eyewitness’ instead of the eyewitness’ name or job, it attracts more readers to read and gives clear idea of who did the action. 

Overall, the content is concise. It only has seven paragraphs including  the lead. The lead has similar main idea with the headline, only it has answers to who specifically, what, and when. The questions of why hasn’t been answered, since the author probably was not willing to give all the content up in the beginning. She wanted the readers to read furthermore. The answer to the question where I think is irrelevant, and the author seemed to agree, shown by there is no explanation whatsoever in the lead of the whereabouts of the event.

Other common parts of the news are present, like the byline below the headline, dateline right after the byline, and of course the body.

Another aspect worth noting is the featured image. The article uses the image of Ahok himself, instead of the ‘who’ of the article, or Yuli Hardi. There could be two reasons; first, the person in charge of putting the image wanted to assert the object being discussed, which is Ahok, instead of the subject. The second reason is to attract more readers, since Ahok is still considered hot news in all kinds of news platform. People are waiting for fresh news about Ahok.



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