Analysis and Remarks: News Story – China hits back at US over South China Sea claims

Source: China hits back at US over South China Sea claims

From the highest in the order, of course, the headline will be analyzed first. The title is excellent, it is written in accordance to the The Associated Press rule, where only the first word is capitalized, unless of course, they are names. In this case, China, US, South China Sea, need to be capitalized though they are not the first word. From the headline, we are to know the who, where and what of the news. 

As a slight minus point, there is no byline in this news article, which may be of course, diminishing the potential credibility the news will get. But the platform provider or the channel is BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) which of course known to be quite trustworthy. It is gathered from a source that BBC deliberately chooses to not include the byline, since they believe in collective responsibility and accountability. Therefore, any mistakes that may discredit the news, BBC takes responsibility.

Going to the lead, it is good that the lead is in bold, so that people would know if that part is the lead. The lead answers the questions of who, what and where. It is pretty much the same with the headline, but it also adds the answer of why. The ‘what’ is that China hits back, they showed power, to US, because Trump’s administration vowed to prevent China from taking the territory. Then, the details are explained in the body.

The plus point of the news is, the article tries to provide different perspective. It wrote from US point of view, China’s, and even the Chinese State Media on how this dispute could lead to ‘devastating confrontation’ as it puts it.

This news is a follow up news from the previous event, which is the vow of US administration to prevent China taking up territory. It is very convenient that the article provide a little explanation about what the South China Sea dispute is about. It even has a map to help explain the dispute.

Overall, this is an example of a good piece of news, mainly due to its comprehensiveness.



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