Analysis and Remarks: Feature Story – Selfie as Art?

Source: Can selfies really be art? London’s Saatchi Gallery thinks so

First things first, Steven McIntosh (author) is a genius in creating interest among readers by putting two very attractive ladies as the featured image. In fact, that is the first reason I chose to analyse this news.

Secondly, the question it tackles brings up ideas and curiosity. Selfie is a very common word nowadays, almost everybody knows it. It even was selected as a word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries in 2013. Popular culture artifacts often are juxtaposed with high arts  to find the difference between low and high culture/art, here, a remarkable connection is created. Selfie as people would see as low culture, is somehow acknowledged by a gallery to be included as high culture, such as the art of painting. Self-portraits even will be put side by side with famous paintings by Van Gogh and Rembrandt. This then sparks curiosity.

The article even provides famous contemporary selfies across the world. From celebrities, former prime ministers and president, to astronauts. These images represent the icon of this particular art in the first years of its emergence. Every picture has its own caption too, this eases the readers finding out what the image is about.

The last one is the lead.

The next time you snap a selfie with your friends on holiday or a night out – you might just be creating the next artistic masterpiece.

It has no information about the main topic of the article whatsoever, at least not directly, but I think it is good. It feels like somehow the author is trying to reach or interact with the readers. He mentions that we may create an artistic masterpiece when we take selfie. This ignites excitement and question, how? People would question the correlation between a simple everyday selfie and artistic masterpiece, then they would read the article further for the answer.


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